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ViMaTech is a high-level services company in Project Management; we developed our own methodology based on the current standard (IEEE, PMI) together with our own field experience. We have re-enforced our competencies in independent consulting with a strong technical experience in the new technology (IP, Wireless).

Our force lies in our flexibility and adaptability to the customer’s needs and in the context (technical, financial, Human Resources…) of the project.

ViMaTech has developed different service product lines, meeting customer’s requirements described as follows:

Business Project

Intelligent Consulting

Product Innovation


ViMaTech proposes to help you align your company methods and processes together with your objectives of profitability and effectiveness.

·        ViMaTech helps you, in a practical way, to satisfactorily achieve your projects, according to both your time and budgetary objectives.

·        ViMaTech helps you establish and concretise the links between your ideas and the starting of activities of your business.

·        ViMaTech helps you make profitable the investments you plan to make in order to improve the structure of your company

Our expertise in various fields can help you fulfil your objectives while remaining the best in your activity.












































The bridge between dreams and success…





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